"Smoke Blower" From PC Power Supply

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Intro: "Smoke Blower" From PC Power Supply

when soldering, as you know, you have a lot of smoke. Meabe you will accidentally touch plastic and that will be very bad fell, it's stinks.

My "smoke blower" i made up from old PC power supply. I take out the PCB board, unsoldered the fan, put it up side down, took an indicator LED(i conected it to soundchip, so LED it's blinking). Power exits are conected also, so I can use them as a LED tester(easy is to put led into hole. At back, i put some old switch, it's really old, I removed front part of case and hot-glue it. All items and wires are soldered and hot-glued. Power is 4,5V(old phone charger).
You can see some pictures in action.

Hope enoyed it :)



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