Smoked Anchovy Butter

Introduction: Smoked Anchovy Butter

You can read my Instructable on how to clean and preserve anchovies. Stop at salting them. Once they have been "cooked" in the salt, you can smoke them.

Step 1: Dry Anchovies and Prepare Wood

Lay the salted anchovies out to dry on a rack. Soak two handfuls of applewood or cedar chips in water. Spread the damp chips in the bottom of a pan.

Step 2: Smoke Anchovies

Lay the rack of anchovies over them and cover them with foil. Put them on a stove top and turn the heat on low. Let them smoke until tender.

Step 3: Mix With Unsalted Butter

Mix in a 2:1 ratio unsalted butter to smoked anchovies. Then mix them until smooth.

Step 4: Serve

This butter is great served with crusty bread, or toss it in pasta and grate lemon zest over it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great - thanks for sharing... But I want the detailed recipe for that bread! I've tried so many variations but have not been able to achieve the crisp crust and the obviously chewy but almost non-existent crumb (because the holes are so large).

    Stones, dough conditioners, hard flour, additional gluten, quick-and-hot or lower-and-slower, weighing ingredients, and on and on... Not to hijack the thread - but can you provide any insight on the bread?