Smoked Salmon & Fresh Sheep's Ricotta Wraps!

Introduction: Smoked Salmon & Fresh Sheep's Ricotta Wraps!

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This is a very easy delicious wrap to make! :) It is best enjoyed with a lovely white wine like Mâcon Villages 2007, Blanc sec. Yumm! :)

Recipe: 1 wrap per person

Ingredients: For 4 wraps

4 tortilla wraps

4 large tablespoons of fresh sheep ricotta rucola leaves, cleaned,

about 50 to 60 gr in total fresh basil leaves, cleaned, 3 basil leaves per wrap, torn in pieces / so 12 basil leaves

for 4 wraps smoked salmon: about 150 to 200 gr for 4 wraps


1. Taka a plate & place 1 tortilla on it. Put water on all the tortilla. Dip the rest of the excess water off with kitchen paper.

2. Place in the microwave on the highest heat for 40 seconds.

3. Take it out of the microwave. The tortilla will not be hot.

4. Spread the ricotta all over the tortilla. Spread it out on all the sides.

5. Now, place the smoked salmon on top of the ricotta.

6. Now, on a horizontal line, place the rucola leaves on top of the salmon. Not too much because rucola is nutty & too much is too much. You want a subtile taste! So, spread the rucola evenly.

7.Then, add the 3 pieces of torn basil leaves, just above & under the horizontal line of rucola leaves, evenly spread.

8. Now, instead of rolling it up, fold the left side a bit into the middle of the tortilla & then fold the right side a bit into the middle & then roll the filled tortilla carefully up.

9. Take your rolled up tortilla & turn it over. Cut diagonal in 2.

10. Take a serving plate & plate up! Put 1 half on the plate & place the other half on top!!

Yum yum!! Don’t forget the wine!!

You can find my recipe also here on my blog:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks tasty. You can't go wrong with smoked salmon!