Smoker Anywhere


Introduction: Smoker Anywhere

For a little extra kick to the BBQ food on your camping trip, why not use that empty beer box to smoke your food. Can be done with any open grill or disposable BBQ.

Step 1: Get the BBQ Ready

Step 2: Pre-Soak the Box Your Going to Use

Step 3: Place the Box on Top and Ensure Your Wood Is Smoking

Step 4: Leave for 30 Mins and Keep the Box Wet

Step 5: Once Cooked Box Shouldn't Have Set on Fire ?

Step 6: Plate Up and Enjoy



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    3 Discussions

    what is the metal container in the middle of the coals?

    1 reply

    It just holds your wood chips, I got it of amazon. You could just throw wood on without it if you wanted

    This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" projects! Great job!