How to Photoshop - Smokey Dispersion Effect

Introduction: How to Photoshop - Smokey Dispersion Effect

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Hey Guys, in today's episode we learn how to add a Smokey Dispersion Effect in Adobe Photoshop. To achieve this we are going to be using Layer Masking, Custom Brushes and some cool new effects.

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Step 1: Smokey Dispersion Effect Photoshop - Written Tutorial

Smokey Brushes Photoshop Download

Shirin Tank Fotografie

Remove Background in Photoshop - Quick Selection Tool

Drag and drop the image that you are going to use into Photoshop, double click the background layer in the layers panel to convert it into a layer. Select the Quick Selection Tool and select the inside of the image and " cut it out " by using refine edge with heavy feathering to remove solid edges. If you are unsure on how to remove a background in Photoshop then please see the link above. Right click on the layer and select convert to a smart object so now you should only see one box within that layer not two. Duplicate the layer by having it selected and pressing Ctrl & J on the keyboard twice to make two copies

Create a new layer and put it to the bottom and fill this layer with white by using the paint bucket tool. Move the middle and back layers across to the side where you wish the smoke dispersion to occur. To move an image press Ctrl & T to transform. To give it even more of an effect either stretch the image or go to filter, liquify to warp the image to suit your preferences. If there are any imperfections or you can see clear gaps between the middle and back layers then select the brush tool, turn the flow down to 20%, select a soft brush, use alt & left click to grab the color you wish to paint with and blend in any dark areas. If Photoshop asks you to rasterize the image when you click on it then press yes.

Add a layer mask on top of all three layers by using the mask tool ( camera shaped icon ) in your layers panel. On the bottom two layers on the actual masks press Ctrl & I to invert the layers, they should now disappear. Click on the top layer mask and use the black and white colors to bring in and take away parts of the image. I used custom brushes for this part which are available for download in the link above. Start off with black and turn the flow back up to 100%, get rid of rough edges and begin to build in the smoke effect. Change around the smokey brushes often so it looks as natural as possible. You can change the brush angle by selecting window, brushes and changing the angle of the brush tip shape.

Select the middle layer and choose white to bring in the mask but with a smokey effect, apply the same techniques as before trying to make the smoke effect look as natural as possible. Apply the same principles to the back layer to finish off the image.

You have now completed the Smokey Dispersion Effect Tutorial in Photoshop!

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