Smoking a Fatty (bacon Wrapped Awesomeness)




Introduction: Smoking a Fatty (bacon Wrapped Awesomeness)

This is a amazing dish I learned from a meat smoking site that I frequent for new ideas to put into my meat smoker. It is fairly easy and simple enough for an aspiring meat smoker. I live in the pacific northwest and have never heard of these before I began lurking around this meat smoking forum, neither has any of my friends heard of this amazing creation. It is a hit at all events I have brought them to. 
Ingredients are:
1) pound of your favorite bacon.
1 )pound of your favorite flavor of sausage. (I used hot Italian for this one, I've used breakfast and many others)

For the stuff inside:
1) package mushrooms 8 oz
1 )onion ( I used a red)
sliced mozzerela cheese (16 oz package)
2) cloves of garlic

awesome side dish option:
ABT's (atomic buffalo turds)
1) pound fresh jalepeno's
1/2) pound of your favorite bacon
1) 8oz tub of your favorite flavor of creme cheese (I am pratial to the chive and onion)

Step 1: Preperations

This step we will prepare the sausage and.... wait for it A BACON WEAVE!
I use a one gallon ziplock type bag and place the sausage into it, flatten the sausage out with a rolling pin,arm,hand, etc just make sure that it is as flat as possible. I usually have to un-seal the bag a few times to allow the air to escape.

The bacon weave:
put the bacon in the freezer for about a half an hour prior to starting the weave. (the bacon is much easier to work with when a liitle frozen)
place a layer of clear plastic wrap on a cutting board (this makes transfering the weave easier for future steps)
place one piece of bacon lengthwise on your cutting board, then alternate pieces the opposite way over,under,over,under,
when you get the the end of the lengthwise piece, flip all the pieces that are under the lengthwise piece in the opposite direction they are laying and place annother lengthwise piece at the base of the fold of the pieces you just flipped. take the flipped pieces and lay them back over the newly placed lengthwise piece rinse and repeat until you get to the end and TA DA! congradulations you have effectively made your first baconweave.

Step 2: This Innards and the Wrapping

The next step is to prepair the stuffing,
slice the mushrooms, chop the onion, smash the garlic.
in a pan heat to medium temp use your favorite cooking oil (I use extra virgin olive oil) and saute the mushrooms, onions, and garlic adding salt and pepper to taste. saute them down untill the onions are just browned and the mushrooms are the same.
get more of the saran wrap out (enough for the slab of sausage to fit on with about 2" of room around all sides, place it on the counter and cut the ziplock bag that your sausage slab is in and transfer it to the saran wrap. place a row of the mozzerela cheese down and place your sauted goods on top of the cheese.
Now this part can be tricky but easily mastered with practice, roll your sausage up into a big roll making sure to encapsulate the stuffing completley, this part is made easier with the saran wrap. Just make sure that the sausage is all you see no cheese poking out of either end.
now that you have the sausage rolled up you can transfer the bacon weave ontop of the sausage in the same manner, making sure that the bacon completley covers the roll of sausage. No need to worry about tying up where the ends meet while in the smoker the bacon will constrict the sausage roll and hold tight to it untill you cut it open.

put the wrapped up creation in the fridge for about a half hour or untill you get the smoker to the needed temp.

now is the time to fire up your smoker and get it to temp before you put the fatty into it. get it to around 200 degrees ± 5 degrees. This will ensure that none of those nasty food bacteria have time to grow at their optimal tempurature while the smoker is trying to get to tempurature.(saftey first)

now while your waiting for that to complete and have time and the want to you can prepare this side dish.
Cut all of the jalepeno's in half and remove all seeds and white membrane.
fill all the halves with the cream cheese and wrap them individually with bacon using a toothpick in each to hold the wrapped bacon onto them. place them on a smoking rack and get your fatty on a rack as well.

Step 3: The Smoking and Waiting

Now with your smoker at 200 degrees put your creations in. You can dry chamber smoke these but I like to put a half of a beer into the drip pan (Starts with sierra and ends with nevada IPA over 21 only please I am not advocating underage consumption in any way, no need to email your lawyer) it gives an awesome flavor and wont let the bacon dry out. I use 50/50 mix of hickory and mesquite for chips.

I add chips at every half hour mark and bump the temp on the smoker 10 degrees at that same point.
In my Cajun Injector smoker its around four hours but time is not what tells when its done its the temp. As you can see I place a external meat thermometor as well as the internal meat probe in the fatty. (the internal lets me see a round about temp without opening the door and the external is my go to when its close and more accurate. I pull the fatty out at 170 degrees and loosley wrapped it in foil on the counter for a half hour and let it rest and continue to cook untill it got to 180 degrees, this also lets the juices re-distribute through the meat.

I also just let the ABT's smoke for the duration of the fatty as well.

Step 4: EAT IT!

Now cut that bad boy open and enjoy!
please do pay close attention to tempuratures and cook safley and clean.
Thank you for following and go forth and smoke a fatty!

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