Smoking Fingers




Introduction: Smoking Fingers

Im going to show you how to do the smoking fingers trick

Step 1: What You Need

You need the following

Step 2: Cutting, Folding and Placing

Cut the match box striker off the matchbox. Its the part you srtike the matches on. Then fold it in half so the red part of the matchbox striker is not showing. In other words make sure the red part is touching each other when you fold it. Then place it on the water tap.

Step 3: Fire It Up

Turn on the water tap to cold water. Get your lighter and burn the striker. Burn the edges first then run the lighter along the side.

Step 4: Enjoy

Remove the striker off the water tap and youll see a brownish substance. Wipe it off with your fingers, and gently rub them together. Youll see smoke coming out your fingers! Now you can amaze your friends.



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    wow, i made this when i was 12 lol, sorry about the small pics but thanks for the positive feedback (mostly) i might be doing some more intructables later.

    Another way to do this is to follow my instructable. Just search for how to make smoke come out of your mouth!

    Please excercise GREAT caution when playing with fire in the home. This is not an Instructable for children!!!! We read too much about children burning down homes playing with fire. I am afraid that because of the dangers involved, i cannot recommend this Instructable. I do encourage you to keep up with the creative ideas, though. But let's not ignore safety, ok?

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    Aren't you getting a little too harsh. This isn't so dangerous, especially when you are doing this near a water tap, probably in the bath, toilet or kitchen.

    I understand adding safety sections to instructables with fire involved. But not liking this instructable just because it doesn't have one? No. First of all, this is no worse than lighting a candle. Yeah, put in a regular warning saying to watch out, whoop-de-doo. Also, this is making a fire in a tiled area. How can you hurt anything by lighting cardboard on a piece of metal over a ceramic tub?

    "How can you hurt anything by lighting cardboard on a piece of metal over a ceramic tub?" Well... Burnt fingers, hair, CLOTHES??? Shower curtain catching on fire? Towels burn, don't they? Accidents happen when we ignore the possibilities of danger. I'm just trying to keep the people in here safe. Thank you for your polite response to my concerns.

    Watch out for the odd synthetic towel, suddenly you have a fast burning pool of liquid towel coming at you like a lunatic with a chainsaw, and if you try and run down the stairs it'll drop on you like a spider monkey...

    Nice. Write a documentary ;). With your instructables and sense of humor, your looking to be the next tetranitrate. keep up the good work!

    Hah, I've just got a bunch of insane news and have such a loony experimental project coming, being pyro13 I suspect you's like it, it all started with the pen jet engine.

    Will do, I have a tonne of stuff half cocked and ready to go but time and money are in my way, as in I have no time because I have no money and have to spend my time making money, eh well whadya gonna do...

    Well yeah, there are a lot of things that can go wrong doing many of the things on here. Even the safer ones. So should every little problem that could occur be labeled as a danger, and an explanation included about how not to have an accident with it? 'Warning: By using a toaster oven to cook the toast described in this instructable, the toaster could catch fire and burn your house down or cause damage to your house. Be careful.'

    dad: johnny what did you do to the house johnny: the toaster killed it if they did label every little danger i would read instructables just to laugh at how stupid some would be. yo Ar000n3y nice job with the little toaster joke , had me luaghing ha ha

    Im really sorry about that. If i make another instructabel ill make sure to make my pics bigger.

    Don't forget that the chemicals involved in this are really dangerous, and doing this regularly will make your fingers literally rot.