Smooth Move-Mint

Rich Creamy Healthy Tasty Yummy Smoothie- Hope I win a Vita Mix (top!) ;0

1.5 cups Raw Almonds
4 cups filtered Water
pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt
5 Pitted Raw Medjoul Dates
1 Banana
1 Pink Lady Apple
1 Handful of Golden Flax Seeds
2 Handfuls of Raw Hemp Seeds
1 Handful of Raw Chia Seeds
1 Handful of Fresh Mint Leaves

To Make Almond Mylk ...
Soak Almonds in Water
Rinse and Strain Almonds
Blend with ~2 parts Filtered Water
Strain in a Nut Mylk Bag/Cheez Cloth

To Make Smooth Move-Mint...
Pour Almond Mylk in Blender
Add rest of ingredients
Blend together
Serve in frosted glasses
Garnish with mint
Smooth Move-Mint!

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    3 years ago

    This blend sounds rather interesting! I might try this one day - it might work like one of those energy boosters before a hard day's work of moving!