How to Make Smoothies- Benefits and Home Remedies




Introduction: How to Make Smoothies- Benefits and Home Remedies

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Smoothies are yummy and healthy drinks. It is made primarly with fruits and vegetables and thus is nutrients and fiber packed. Outside, it can cost you anywhere from $4 to $10. Making them at home is easy fun and cheap. I have been making smoothies at home for the last 8 years. Also, you dont need any special blender to get started on your journey of making smoothies. Drinking smoothies on a regular basis has lot of health benefits. To name a few

1. Weight loose if take as a meal replacement.
2. Constipation remedy
3. Glowing skin
4. General feeling that we eat healthy.
5. Vitamins, mineral and Protine packed food.
6. Improves Digestion

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Step 1: Construct Your Smoothie

Smoothies can be made in differents ways but the best part is that you can make it the way you like it. Experiment with what you like. You can make smoothie bases on colour of the ingredients to get the awesome green , purple, red, pink, yellow smoothie. Try different kinds.

I have broken down smoothies into groups of what I add.

Fruits - I always use combination of 3 to 4 fruits. You can use frozen fruits or chilled fruits from the fridge. If using chilled fruit you can add some icecube.

• Sweet fruits like green apple, grape or watermellon can be added to replace the need to add extra sweetner.
• Banana- I always add to give a smooth and creamy consistency. I always add banana even if I am dieting because they are so rich in nutrients and minerals. Its so good for you when you are working out.
• Pineapple - if you want more fiber and it helps improve metabolism.
• Blueberry - One of the most abundantly ava

Liquid - it is used to thin the smoothie. There are so many options to choose from.

• Green Tea - if you want to increase you metabolism. I use Macha powder.
• Milk - Cows milk or soy, almond,coconut,and rice milk
• Coconut water- In need for electrolites especially after a heavy workout
• Greek Yogurt - In need of Probiotic and protine
• Water - Zero calorie.
• Orance Juice - Rich in Vitamin C.
• Any fresh juice of fruit and vegetable.
• Aleovera Juice - Buid immune system lower blood sugar. Its benefits are endless. Amazingly rich in nutrients.

Vegetables - like spinach avacado blends so well, with out leaving any taste. I always pick atleast 2 vegetable to add to my soothie. If you are detoxing add more of vegetables. But if you are averse to the idea of vegetable start with spinach and carrots. Then move to adding cucumber and Kale.

• Spinach or power greens- (good source of iron)
• Kale (super food)
• Avacado ( high is good fats that the body needs. I add 1/4 avacado 3 times a week)
• Lemon/ Lime( good for cleansing and weight loose)
• Ginger ( natural Sun protectant )
• Parsley ( very good for detox)
• Cucumber ( after workout and during summer)
• Carrots ( Very good source of fiber)
• Celery( leaves a after taste so start by adding very little so that you get used to the taste)
• Beetroot (very good for you but start out by adding a little quantity )
• Broccoli- if you have thyroid then use slighlty

Superfoods and Extras- Add a teaspoon of any 2 to 3 of the below.

• Cooked Steel cut Oats- add this if you want a breakfast smoothy.
• Coconut flakes
• Chia seeds- Good source of protein and fiber. It also acts as a natural Laxative with out causing any unease.
• Goji berry- super foods and helps build immune system.
• Flaxseed - essentail fatty acids and fiber.
• Nuts like almond and walnut gives a creamy texture
• Cottage cheese- creamy texture.
• Protein Powder
• Supper Green Powder
• Brazilian nut - If you have thyriod problem.
• Wheat Germ
• Hemp Seeds
• Golden Berry
• Aci Berry Powder/ Liquid Juice
• Honey

Pick ingredients that pleases your taste bud or to help remove any ailments ( from all the readings I have done). For example I have thyroid problem so I always mix iron and vitamin C rich fruits or vegetable in my smoothie. I add beetroot and hempseed to my husbands smoothie because he has blood pressure. If you have blood sugar then please try to avoid fruits like mango, grape, watermelon, banana. Read about the benefits of fruits and vegetable and try them.

Another techinque is to see what the ingredient of your favourite recipe are and then try making it at home. Also try using as many organic ingridents as possible if not then try to use in season fruits and vegetable .

Note - Wash all you fruits with a good fruit wash. Also cut the fruits and vegetable into small pieces.

Step 2: Tricks

If you are short on time then follow these tricks.

  1. Remember dice you fruits and vegetables so that blending can be easy.
  2. Save time by first adding the squishy fruits then other fruits followed by vegetables, greens and extra.
  3. In the end add the liquid. I generally add 1/3 of the qty as a starting point. If I am using all frozen ingredient then I need more liquid and more time to blend.
  4. Use chilled ingredients than frozen if you are short on time. It takes less time to blend and less time to gulp it down.
  5. Pulse the blender first few time then run it on high speed till you get a creamy consistency.
  6. If the fruits are stuck and not moving when u run the blender it may mean you need to add more liquid.

Step 3: Recipe

Ingredients- makes 4 to 5 cups

  1. Apple-1
  2. Orange-1
  3. Mixed berry- 1/2 packet ( trader Joe).
  4. Banana- 1
  5. Peach-1
  6. Carrots-3
  7. Brocollie- 3 to 4 florets
  8. Cucumber-1 small
  9. Spinach or power green- 1 cup or a hand full.
  10. Avacado- 1/4th
  11. Goji Berry, Chia seed, flax seed, golden berry,- 1 tea spoon each
  12. 1 to 2 cup Coconut water

After washing cut them in small pieces and blended it till you get a smooth consistency on high speed. Now I have my morning mug of goodness ready. Try yours!!

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    2 years ago

    Be very careful with Goji berries they can interact badly with blood thinner meds and with diabetic meds also they can also increase blood pressure and cause digestive issues also because they tend to increase energy levels they can interfere with sleep patterns there have also been reports of serious overdoses with Goji berries.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the detailed ible. Looking forward to try one.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    looks delicious and healthy !! Thanks for detailing out the benefits of each items..