S'more Brownies!

Introduction: S'more Brownies!

I made brownies, but with a twist!  

Step 1: Step One.

Take the brownie mix, you can use your own but for the sake of time, I used a mix.  Any mix will do.  

Step 2: Step Two!

Mix the whole thing together!  Pour it in a non stick pan, or add something like butter or a spray to keep the brownies from sticking.  Once the mix is in the pan, sprinkle chocolate chips and then place as many marshmallows as you would like on top.  Then stick it in the oven for around 30 min.  On the box it said around 20, but mine were no where close to ready.  Check in on them, but they should take around 30.  

Step 3: ALL DONE!

And then you are DONE!  ENJOY!

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