Smore's Dip




You will need:

x2 bags of semi sweet or milk chocolate chips

x1 gallon of milk buy you won't use the whole thing

x1 bag of mini marshmallows

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Step 1: Zeh Chocolot

mix zeh cheeps end zeh meeyulk heated on stove, mix until the light brown that you see on the edges, is only a thin line on the edge or non existent.

Step 2: Zeh Fluffies

once ju meex zeh cheeps into zeh fondu! cover zeh mushy, wis zeh fluffy.

Step 3: Zeh Oven.... Muahahaha

poot zeh poofy mooshy in zeh oven on three feeftee. the time depends on if you want creamy, crispy, or cremated marshmallows.

Step 4: Consume Zeh Baking Goodnezz Wahahahaha

use Graham crackers to eat like a dip.

also, you can pour the chocolate into a Graham cracker pie crust and cover with marshmallows and bake, then chill and serve as a smore's pie. enjoy

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    5 years ago

    I had some nostalgia seeing that browns dairy milk - missing new orleans. :(