Smudge: a Baby Carriage

Introduction: Smudge: a Baby Carriage

About: My name is Dan Corrigan and I am a college student interested in Props and Lighting Design. Some of my favorite projects have been the CNC machine that I designed and am constructing, my angel statue, a bala...

I made a baby carriage recently for my college's production of Smudge, a student production. Smudge focuses on a baby born with complications and in the script one of the character likens it to being born without bones. I made this carriage for Smudge in two days from a 1950's style dining cart, cardboard and some electronics I had lying around.
The carriage is cardboard wrapped in cloth
The device below the carriage is a line plotter
The device on the separate cart is an oscilloscope just turned on without input.
The odd metal bits around the oscilloscope and the glass vial thing were scavenged from our prop room. It is some form of condensing or chilling rig setup though I am not sure the exact function.
below the oscilloscope are a set of gas tanks made from cardboard tube, foam and gaff tape
the solid color wire is EL wire attached to a dimmer by means of a phone charger
there are 2 gelled red and green led lights inside the carriage to give an uplight from inside that created some very nice moments
to run the device required 6 dimmer channels
I was lighting designer, board op and credited as the character Smudge (the carriage) for this production

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