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Hi everyone!

Today I will show how to make a snack bouquet. It's a simple and cool way to present finger food, vegetable kebabs and vegetable bouquets.
Today it will be a sausage bouquet arranged in a pumpkin frame.

You need:
a pumpkin of medium size,
sprouting onion,

paring knife,
toothpicks and bamboo skewers

By the way, you will find more cute food ideas of mine at

Step 1: Pumpkin Frame

1. Cut the punpkin in parts.  One part for a base and a central part for a frame.

2. Take a central part and remove a pumpkin meat . This part is going to be a frame.

3. When you remove the pumpkin meat you will get a pumpkin ring. Decorate it with U or V shape knife.

4. As far as you done with the ring/frame, start decorating a pumpkin base.

5. Decorating the base is optional. You can leave it as it is. I made wavy cuts with a knife.

6. The next step is attaching the parts together. Set the frame on the base and fix them using toothpicks.

Step 2: Sausage Bouquet

Let's turn sausage kebabs into reed plant :)

1. Set sausages on to bamboo skewers. Looks like reed plant, doesn't it?

2. Arrange the sausage kebabs in the pumpkin frame.

3. Add some green onion. Small tomatos made a final look of the bouquet.

By the way, using salt bread sticks instead of wooden skewers let you make the sausage bouquet absolutely edible!

Step 3: More Snack Bouquet Ideas

Here I give some more ideas with using the pumpkin frame. A vegetable flower bouquet in the pumpkin frame.



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