Snail Phone in One Piece - Den Den Mushi

Hi guys, this my first time on instructables and I am not a native English speaker, so please be nice on me. Thank you!

OK, myself is a big fan of One Piece, I watch it from the beginning. One thing I like in One Piece is the Den Den Mushi, thats how I came up with this snail phone idea

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Step 1: What Is Den Den Mushi

Den Den Mushi is a cute snail phone that has different appearance according to its master. As different characters in One Piece has different features, so they’ve got different Den Den Mushi as well.

Step 2: Why Den Den Mushi

Nowadays, the phone we use are becoming more and more similar, I have to say, some of them even looks like the same – rectangular body, round edges and smooth glassy surface. You might say it is a fashionable design because most of people like it. But how do you explain that even more people spend a lot of money on the accessories to decorate their phones if the phone already has a fashionable design? And also, a smartphone does not really mean any good to me as most used function of my phone is just making calls and sending messages.

OK that's why I am fond of the Den Den Mushi. First of all, it’s cute, it has emotions, it smile when you smile, it speak when you speak, it cry when you cry. OK I know what you are thinking right now '' what is wrong with this guy, do you really want a phone that cry like a baby? And how is that possible!'' Yeah yeah I get it. The contest is about creative ideas about phone , right ? So what I am trying to say is, the phone we use is really lack of ways of notification. What would you phone behave when you receive a call? 1. sound notification 2. vibration. what else? That's all ! So think about it, what if your phone perfumes when there is an incoming call? How nice would it be to be waken up by the smell of your favorite fragrance? I would say you gonna have a nice day if you wake up like that every morning!

OK, secondly. Den den mushi is personalized. Who doesn’t like something that is specially customized for themselves? Everyone looks different from others. OK those twins triplets quadruplets I am not talking about you. (Just kidding, no offence. XD)

We all look different and we try to avoid wearing same clothes with other people on the street. Why? Because people all have their own personalities and people like customization! This is the most outstanding feature of the Den Den Mushi. Every individual character in the comics have a unique Den Den Mushi that is differing from one another and the little snail phone matches the personality of its master - same clothes, hats, glasses, color features etc...

If we have such a phone, we don't even need to worry about lost it! Haha ! People would know at the first glance if the phone does not match the user's appearance ! OK I am just messing around as people might change clothes or hair cut or styles.

Actually what we want is, we can be the one to decide what our phone should be looks like. So for the den den mushi, we can change its shell/case/enclosure to make it fits our aesthetic preference!

Step 3: Ways of Using Den Den Mushi

There are two ways of using it.

  1. Regularly you can put it over you palm so it behave like a phone in speaker mode
  2. Or you can use it as a watch, open the shell to answer phone calls.

Please vote me if you like my idea about phone! Thank you very much!

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    3 years ago

    Just Check this out buddy!!! This guy has built it for real!!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is pretty cool!

    Did you make this out of clay? Can you explain a little more of how you put this all together?

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, with polymer clay! I bought an antique dial phone and disassembled it to different parts, use the clay to wrap them up to made this : )