Snailbot Build Night, Part 2




Introduction: Snailbot Build Night, Part 2

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More snailbot building! (Check out Part 1) Jill and I finished our snails, while Annie completed a slug - she will add the shell later. But the slug could race, let me tell you! Here's the evidence.



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    How do the snails work. I see you have a motor with a.....Wheel? But it is covered with fabric, right? How does it move???????????? This thing is awesome by the way.

    The surface you put them on makes a difference, too. If it is too smooth (e.g. glass) they don't get much traction and tend to drift around. Something like drawing paper with a little texture seems to work best.

    That is likely. We've been getting requests from people who want snails as presents... also I have some ideas about making the switch better, and I want to understand more about the movement, experiment with different velvets. It seems, from my current work, that a non-stretchy, fairly stiff velvet makes the best foot, but I haven't been rigorous about testing yet.