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Would you or child like to be Snake Eyes for Halloween this year? I found my supplies around the house and whipped up this little beauty to show that you don't have to pay the big bucks to get a good costume piece. With some extra effort it could even be comic convention worthy :) Mostly I was trying to copy the piece that comes with a store bought costume. And yes that is a t-shirt ninja hood :P

Step 1: Stuff We Need

Here's what we need

Clean empty 2 liter soda bottle
Anti-static bag (for computer parts) OR reflective cellophane wrap
2 tops from frozen juice cans ( I made one without these first and it looked alright)
piece of paper (to make pattern)
Sticky back hook and loop tape (Velcro)
Black elastic - optional
Black nail polish
Silver paint marker
Black Sharpie marker

We also need these

Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Craft scissors (not your good ones)
Utility knife

Note: You may be able to get a few static bags from a small computer repair shop - or a techie friend.

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Use the utility knife to start cutting the top off- cut an inch or so then use scissors

Cut off the top of the bottle about where the top of the label is then remove the label.

Find where the label was glued on and cut straight down the middle until almost the bottom of the bottle.

Now cut off the bottom - again about where the edge of the label was. You should have a long rectangle shape.

Step 3: Make the Pattern

Now its time to make the pattern.
1. Fold a large piece of construction paper in half OR treat the edge of your paper as a fold line
2. Measure out a rectangle 12cm by 20 cm - make sure it has one edge on the fold (or the edge of your paper
3. Mark the center of the side opposite the fold
4. Get one of your juice can tops ( hereafter known as a "circle") and mark a line down the center
5. Now you need to make a " T" on the circle by making a line across the center line where the circle measures 6 cm across. (See photo)
6. Make a mark at 1cm intervals on the line you just made.
7. Make a mark on the fold at 2cm intervals
8. Connect the dots and mark the edges
9. Finally cut out the pattern

If you want your visor a little narrower now is the time to trim off a little from the top and bottom - mark 1cm from the edges on the fold (wide) end and 5mm from the edges on the narrow end.

Step 4: Trace the Pattern Onto the Plastic

Fold the plastic rectangle in half so it has a decent but NOT sharp crease in the center.

Place your plastic on TOP of the pattern.
Trace the outside edges of the visor and mark the end points of decorative lines.
Connect the dots using the silver paint pen and the ruler.
Cut the piece out

If you don't want the circles on the visor now is a good time to fold the visor in half and cut the ends how you like. Follow the rest the instructable as it applies.

Step 5: Anti-static Bag

Cut one panel from the anti-static bag. If it is big enough great! If not just fold the piece in half and place the fold side of your pattern on top. Trace and cut the resulting piece with a little extra on the top and bottom edges- we will trim it later. As long as it would cover the open face area of your ninja costume it will be fine.

If you are using a reflective cellophane make sure you can see through it. I noticed with mine that one side is more reflective than the other so keep it in mind. I crumpled mine so that it would harder for others to see in.

Now is the time to make holes for your elastic if you are using it ( mostly if you don't intend to put velcro on your ninja hood.)

Step 6: Hot Glue

Now you might want to get a cup of water. If it looks like you could get glue on your fingers dip them lightly in water before touching the glue down.

Glue the static bag into the visor with a dot of glue at each corner. Carefully trim off the extra bag- I found it nearly impossible to get it on perfect otherwise.

Glue the circles on either end per the pattern or move them in a little bit if that fits your face better. Put a 1 inch (or so) piece of hook tape over the join of the plastic and metal.

Step 7: Finishing

Use the black nail polish to cover the area at the ends of the visor where the static bag wasn't long enough. It doesn't have to cover it completely - use your imagination. You could also use the sharpie here.
Other finishing touches
Paint the edges of the circles
Paint the edges of the visor or use black/ reflective tape

The last pic is of the prototype for this... It does have the advantage of being lighter.

Note: The flash makes the visor seem more see through from the outside. It is actually very hard to see the person's eyes behind the visor unless the light catches just right.



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