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Introduction: Snake Hide Accesories

here are some pictures of things ive made with snake hide, next time i kill a snake i will show a detailed demonstration on skinning degutting tanning and curing of the hide, as well as all the bones to make jewelry you can see on my page but im afraid without a snake to demonstrate on my advice would be simply rabble

tie clip pens and pencils bow-tie zippos butane lighters belt buckle hat bands and of course the infamous pistol grips are all shown here

also check out the stuff i do with snake BONE



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    I'd love to see how to tan snake skin, I've seen a lot of hide tanning vids, but not many on snakes, can't wait to see it!

    Any more on those zippos? I got 6 hides in the freezer now and snaked are on the move. Belts and hatbands are popular but everybody and their momma sells those.

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    ill do a tutorial but i am very busy, tyhe basic trick to zipoos is to not cut the hide, keep it as a sock, next turn inside out and scrape it, apply marine epoxy to the zippo and slip the hide over it, it will dry itself to a tight fit then be glued on. then apply tanning solution to the outside, touch up any detached parts with super glue

    When you do your snake hide curing/tanning instructible, would you mind including a bit on how you get the hide to conform to the curved shapes of the zippo and the revolver grip? On a flat surface (the hat band, the belt buckle), no problem. On a curved surface like the pistol grip, now that can be challenge. Not only would it be helpful to those working with snake hide, it would no doubt help with folks doing upholstering, carbon fibering, and fiberglassing of curved surfaces.
    Thanks, and good hunting.

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    of course, the lighters go by a different process ill get into later, you have to put it on, and then tan it, but ill be sure to include both!

    look at my new step by step bone cleaning tutorial here

    killer work, cant wait for the instructable regarding tanning and curing of the hide

    once i get a snake thats freshly killed i will make videos pictures etc but for most just making a list would be ummm gross and confusing, please be patien, but ive had trial and error for several years on the subject

    There seems to be a lot of controversy regarding the best way to prepare snakeskin...always use salt, never use salt, use borax, use glycerine, etc. Whatever you're doing looks pretty darned good. What's your formula/procedure for preparing and mounting these snake skins?