Snake Hook From a Broken Golf Shaft and Paint Roller

Introduction: Snake Hook From a Broken Golf Shaft and Paint Roller

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This is a snake hook made from a broken Golf shaft and a roller paint brush.

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Step 1: Prepping the Shaft

The broken shaft is sanded, cleaned and given multiple green paint coats, followed with 2 coats of clear.

Since the hook is also used in rain, these paint coats prevent the rust and ofcourse gives the eco friendly color quotient.

Step 2: Preparing the Hook

The roller brush is used to make the hook

The brush and handle are stripped off.

For easier pick up of snakes, the hook end is grinded to a slightly tapered/sharpened end. This helps in digging into mud underneath the snake or for scraping on a hard ground.

The hook is neither welded or glued into the shaft.

Pros of welding / glue:

  • Simple design

Cons with welding the hook to shaft:

  • Difficult to carry while travelling.
  • calls for suspicious looks.
  • No possibility of changing to a different shape/sized hook for smaller sized snakes

Cons with Glue:

  • Along with all the downsides of welding, also it Wouldn't have the strength to turn over logs/big stones while herping in forests


A small dia metal is tapped with thread and the unthreaded end is welded to the hook.

A counter thread is tapped into the shaft inner side.

Due to long thread, this is very strong and sturdy and at the same time gives the flexibility of interchanging the hooks.

Also with avoiding weird looks it also serves as a hiking stick when the hook is unscrewed.

Finally the green paint job completes the project.

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    3 years ago

    That's a neat way to make one!