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Snake Jump is an attraction in Froggy World (the amusement park for adventurous frogs) where frogs climb up through a snake and jump out onto a trampoline

The snake body is made from 2 feet of 1 5/8 inch diameter plastic tubing.  The head was formed using craft foam, glue and paint.

The angle support to hold the snake upright was 3d printed:

but it could be cut from wood or cardboard.

Froggy doesn't like to admit it, but if you look closely, you'll see a yellow stripe down the back.

Step 1:

Start by fastening the angle support to the tube--this means drilling a hole through the top of the tube that is large enough to fit a screw and washer.

Add another screw at the end of the tail to support the snake body.

Step 2:

Create a head, using craft foam or similar material.

Step 3:

Make various frogs using oven-bake clay.  Two of the frogs should be long and narrow so that they can "climb" inside the snake body toward the head where they will jump.

These two frogs should each have a small "eye hook" in the front.

Step 4:

From the top, push a stiff piece of wire through the tube.

Step 5:

Tie fishing line to each of the two climbing frogs, one behind the other.

Step 6:

Tie the fishing line to the stiff wire and thread the frogs through the tube.

Step 7:

Drill a small hole in the top of the tube and secure the fishing line.

Step 8:

Add the head to the top of the tube.

Step 9:

Put the cowardly jumping frog in the mouth, hanging on to one of the fangs.

Step 10:

It's a long way down--that's why there is fear!

Step 11:

The little guy at the end of the tail is waiting for his turn.

Step 12:

Others are waiting at the trampoline (a yogurt cup cut up with cloth taped inside the lid) to see what happens next!



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