Snap Macro With Your Tablet or Smartphone


Introduction: Snap Macro With Your Tablet or Smartphone

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In a few minutes you can create amazing photos with your table or smartphone

Step 1: Take a Broken DVD Burner

The only thing really needed is a small lens that I have recovered from a broken dvd burner

Step 2: Assemble the Lens

Apply the lens Directly above the lens of your tablet or smartphone with scotch... finish!

Step 3: Final Results

These photos I've taken with an old ipad mini.

Good Fun...



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    Looks great!
    Only a burner has the required lens?
    What about dvd roms?

    1 reply

    It is a convex lens that can be found in laser pointers and is used to collimate the light. The DVD burner is a black lg 2006.

    Nice tip! Congratulation!