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Hello, my name is Jackob, I will be 18 this year. My snapchat nick is "jakkozak". I'm not from England so excuse me for my english please. :)

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Step 1: Capture and Contours!

First you need to capture an ideal photo for your idea. You need enought light, good camera and co on... Then you need to draw the contours of your image and you will fill them after. You must be precise and accurate.

Step 2: Fill the Gaps!

In this step you need to fill the gaps with appropriate color. In top right corner you can choose the color. You must be patient and you shouldn't pass the contour!

Step 3: Shadows!

Now you have to use the transparent color for shadows. It is necessary if you want a realistic picture.

Step 4: Big Final!

In this step you need to cemplete the logo or add your name. Save it and send it!

Step 5: Ideas!

Of course you can draw whatever you want. Just be creative!

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    4 years ago

    Digital costumery!

    Very clever, thanks for sharing your ideas :)

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