Snare Wire




Introduction: Snare Wire

This is a rudimentary snare wire design and I’m sure it can be improved but when you are in a survival situation any advantage against the wild is good

Step 1: Equipment

For this instructable you will need ;
# Coke can
# Scissors
# Pliers
# Marker pen
# Knife

Step 2:

first off you need to cut the top off

Step 3:

now start cutting down in a spiral formation

Step 4:

Also make sure you make it quite thin but not so thin that it snaps when it bends, this is quite tricky an it up to your better judgment

Once finished if it is still too thick then bend it in half to strengthen it (warning be careful because it can cut you)

Step 5:

Make sure you keep the base of the can as this can be used for a signalling mirror in another in of my instructables.

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