Secret Opening Box




3D print your very own secret opening box to keep goodies and other stuff safe also you can elongate it to make a pencil case for school! I used google sketchup for this project and you can find the files in the second step.

Step 1: Designing

First i started with a cube 500mm by 500mm by 500mm and slowly measured and put in the marks for the groves where the lids would run. Sorry for not having a 3D printed model to show you how it looks but i am sure a smart DIYer like you can figure it out

Step 2: The Lid

Those are the two lids used to seal the box and keep your goodies hidden. So print off all the pieces and get ready to put it all together.

Step 3: Put Your Box Together

Once all the parts have been printed you might want to smooth with some fine grit sandpaper if your printer left a bit more plastic than needed for a smooth sliding surface and slide it all together now you have your very own secret opening box! Wait...i just told you all how it your very own not so secret opening box!



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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks and no unfortunately i have been unable to print one because the printing shop here has shut down and i am home schooled so i don't have access to stuff like that but if you could and maybe send me a pic or give some ideas for better sizing that would be great.