Sniper Fort in Minecraft

Introduction: Sniper Fort in Minecraft

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Step 1: Choosing Materials

Choose any block that you can build on,and a slab. The type doesn't matter

Step 2: The Frame

Make a closed frame of any size.

Step 3: The Walls

Build up two more blocks to make the walls.

Step 4: The Roof

Make a roof of any kind.

Step 5: The Sniper's Hole

Cut out a hole in the front of your fort with at least one block on either side (see picture)

Step 6: The Slit

For the slit you'll need some slabs.Place them on the bottom half of your sniper hole.

Step 7: The Entrance

For the entrance you can put a door or a underground tunnel.

Step 8: Lighting

For lighting you could use torches or glow stone. Your choice.

Step 9: Storage

You could put a chest in the corner to store items such as bows,arrows,etc.

Step 10: "Hidy Hole"

You can make a "hidy hole" in the corner for protection in case things get rough.

Step 11: Finished Project

Now your sniper fort is done.Awesome accuracy inside,but hard to get hit inside.p.s. This structure is great for hunting mobs such as skeletons.

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