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Introduction: Golden Snitch Necklace

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Are you finding that it is just simply impossible to catch that snitch? Well, here you can make one and keep it on a chain around your neck. That's right, fellow Harry Potter fans, a snitch necklace!

To make one, you will need,
  ~A chain, along with the appropriate clasps. (Can be a necklace or a bracelet)
  ~2 Jump rings
  ~2 wing charms (I found mine at Walmart for $2, here they are online:
  ~A gold bead
  ~A little piece of wire

Firstly, you will need to drill a hole in the wing charms, at the far end without the loop. Drill it as far out as you can.

Now that you have your wings ready, bend a piece of wire around one wing loop, curling the wire under itself so it can't scratch you.  Then put on your gold bead and bend it around the other wing loop. You now have your snitch.

Cut your necklace chain in two, so that you have two short pieces with a clasp part on each end. Open your jump ring and put on one end of the snitch and one part of the chain. Close and repeat on other side.

Put on and admire.



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    I liked this 'ible better than any wearable snitches to date. Last night I went to the closest Walmart, and unfortunately all I found in the way of wings were a pair of earrings, and the wings were black (part of a goth/punk trio I think). So I disassembled the earrings and I had a pair of wings! I chose to punch the holes out rather than drill them, and I split the first one. So I superglued it (not very pretty). Overall though, I think it turned out fine.

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    Thanks! Unfortunately I won't be able to wear it for fear of breaking my repair, but I have about 15 extra beads, so I'm going to make a new one, maybe a few more, then I'll have one to wear. As for this one, I chose to leave it on the display card I made for it, and I printed up a definition and quote from the book to attach underneath it. I also included a link to your 'ible on the bottom.

    I like your design best and it is easy to make. Thank you for sharing.

    This looks great, and I'm loving to see the different creativities from all the people commenting and how each one is different from the others.

    I made one of these for my girlfriend, and another for my best friend. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


    I'm not a potter fan but I made mine for a friend. Walmart was out of the wing charms so i picked up a pair of wing earrings. I took the wings off and added beads to the earrings to make a new pair! I don't have a drill so I hammered through the charms then filed the metal on the back so it wouldn't scratch the skin. Micheals didn't have a large selection of 'gold' beads so this was the closest I could find. I didn't use wire instead I used an eye pin to attach the bead and wings. I just opened the eye end and slipped it through the opening on the 'fat' end off the wing and looped the other end around the other 'fat'end of the other wing. Mine is a little larger but she loved it!

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    Yours looks awesome! I actually really love the gold bead you used. It adds a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

    My walmart was out too but I found wing earrings and just used those. Mine are a few posts down...

    is there anywhere else to get the wings, my walmart doesnt stock them.

    I made this this evening but seeing as i have an affinity for bells and have a thousand and one golden ones i thought itd be cool to just use one of those and i got these angel wing sequins at school ages ago to use for....well i never knew exactly what i was going to do with them but now theyve served their purpose.

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    I Geocache and my name there is fdlseeker so I will be making these as my personal iteam that I will stick in geocaches. Thanks! I've been looking for something that looks nice and yours is it. I know it as soon as I saw it. I would be honored to have one of yours at 18in. to wear as my very own.