Snitch/Butterfly Bracelet



Introduction: Snitch/Butterfly Bracelet

This is a little bracelet that I made and my first instructable I have posted :)

The Materials you would need: *A paperclip  *A small/medium bead (shiny: Optional) *Elastic or a chain *Pliers or wire cutters ( to cut the paperclip)
(Note: round nose pliers will be useful to help you make the loops)
The first thing I did was bend the paperclip outwards and cut it with some wire cutters.
I used about 4-5 cm of the paperclip that had been cut and also used the wire cutter/pliers to make a loop on one side of the wire. Next I slipped the bead onto the wire, and used the pliers again to make another loop at the other end of the wire, so that the bead fitted snugly between the two loops on either side of it.
I used a bit of elastic and tied a knot on either side of the loops to make it a bracelet. You can also use a chain as the main bracelet and use two jump rings on either side of the loops instead, or use the chain as an accessory(customize) for your new bracelet. :)

I was inspired by this instructable: Check it out :)

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