Snoopy/Woodstock/Doghouse Set! (Advanced Crochet Patterns)

Introduction: Snoopy/Woodstock/Doghouse Set! (Advanced Crochet Patterns)

Snoopy, Woodstock, and the Doghouse are all separate, so you don't have to make all 3. Snoopy and Woodstock are both crocheted amigurumi characters. The Doghouse is made out of cardboard and paper and requires no special skill except patience.
Doghouse has a flap on one side of the roof because Snoopy won't fit through the door way :P
The Snoopy pattern is based off of this pattern:, but the Doghouse and Woodstock are mine so don't claim them as your own please. :) Let me know if you have any questions.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The Materials You'll Need:
-white, black, and lemon yellow worsted weight
-size H and D crochet hook
-red and green construction paper
-cardboard (I took apart a DVD player box and it was about right)
-yarn needle
-glue (Elmer's is fine)
-tape (Scotch is fine)

Step 2: Snoopy Crochet Pattern

I based this pattern off of the pattern here:
It uses white and black yarn w/ a size H hook.

Head (w/ white):
Row 1: sc 5 in MR (5)
Row 2: 2sc around (10)
Row 3: sc, 2sc around (15)
Row 4-7: sc around (15)
Row 8: sc, sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, sc rest of row (19)
Row 9: *sc, sc, 2sc* x 3, sc rest of row (22)
Row 10: sc 17, sc2tog, sc rest of row (21)
Row 11: sc 16, 2sc, sc, 2sc, sc rest of row (23)
Row 12: *sc2tog, sc, sc* x 5, sc2tog, sc (17)
Row 13: *sc2tog, sc* x 3, sc rest of row (14)
Row 14: sc2tog 7 times (7)
Finish off, sew up, weave tail.

Ear (w/ black, make 2):
Row 1: sc 5 in MR (5)
Row 2: 2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc (7)
Row 3: sc even (7)
Row 4: sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, sc (5)
Row 5: sc2tog, sc, sc, sc, sc, sl st to round off
Flatten and sew to head w/ tail.

Body (w/ white):
Row 1: 6sc in MR (6)
Row 2: 2sc around (12)
Row 3: *sc, 2sc* around (18)
Row 4-6: sc around (18)
Row 7: *sc 4, sc2tog* around (15)
Row 8: *sc 3, sc2tog* around (12)
Row 9: *sc 2, sc2tog* around (9)
Row 10: *sc, sc2tog* around (6) Slst to round off
Finish stuffing and sew onto head w/ tail.

Arm (w/ white, make 2):
Row 1: sc 8 in MR (8)
Row 2: sc around (8)
Row 3: sc2tog, sc, sc, sc2tog, sc2tog (5)
Row 4-6: sc around (5) Slst to round off
Don't stuff, sew onto body w/ tail.

Leg (w/ white, make 2):
Row 1: sc 6 in MR (6)
Row 2: 3sc, sc, sc, 3sc, sc, sc (10)
Row 3: blpsc around (10)
Row 4: sc2tog, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc (6)
Row 5-7: sc around, slst to round off.
FO. W/ tail, sew to body.

Tail (w/ white):
Join yarn with a sl st to where you want the tail to be, ch 4, sl st
in 2nd ch from hook, sc, sc, slst back to body. FO.

Spot (w/ black):
Sc 6 in MR, tighten loop, slst to join.

Sew spot on and sew black details( eyes, paws, nose).

Step 3: Woodstock Crochet Pattern

*This whole pattern used only two strands of the worsted weight yarn, not 4.
It uses lemon yellow and black yarn. Also use size D hook.

Head (w/ yellow):
1) sc 6 in MR (6)
2) 2 sc around (12)
3) sc, 2 sc around (18)
4-5) sc around (18)
6) sc, dec around (12)
7-8) sc around (12)
9) dec around (6)
FO. Weave tail.

Body (w/ yellow):
1) sc 6 in MR (6)
2) 2 sc around (12)
3-4) sc around (12)
5) dec around (6)
6-7) sc around (6)
8) dec around (3)
FO, w/ tail sew to head.

Feathers on top of head (w/ yellow):
Join yarn w/ slst. ( Ch 3, slst 1, sc 1, slst to head) x6 or 7 down back of the head.

Wings on side of body (w/ yellow, make 2):
Join yarn w/ slst. (Ch 4, slst 1, sc 2, slst to body).

Feet (w/ yellow, make 2):
1) sc 6 in MR (6)
Slst to join, FO, use tail to sew to body.

Tail (w/ yellow):
Join yarn w/ slst. Ch 6, slst 1, sc 4, slst to body. FO.

Sew eyes and mouth w/ black yarn.

Step 4: Doghouse Part 1

First, you have to cut the red paper and the green paper to the right sizes.
Green: about 12" by 18" (it's for the base so size doesn't matter)

TOP: 3 1/2" x 4 1/2"
ROOF SIDE: 4 1/2" x 3"
LOWER SIDE: 4" x 2"
FRONT/BACK : 3 1/4" x 4 1/2" (cut a slight angle near the top on both: /¯\ ) ( cut a doorway in the front)

Step 5: Doghouse Part 2

Attach the front, back, and the lower sides with tape like shown. Make sure you tape on the inside.

Line the inside with cardboard, and glue it in place.

I (being a perfectionist) added red paper to each of the corners and the edge of the door so you can't see any cardboard.

Step 6: Doghouse Part 3

Glue cardboard to one of the roof pieces like shown, not going all the way to the edge.

Glue it in place on the side of the house. It's supposed to overlap the lower side and the front/back pieces.

Step 7: Doghouse Part 4

Glue cardboard to the top just like you did for the first roof piece. Then tape the other roof  piece to the cardboard like shown.

Glue the roof top to the top of the house, leaving the second roof piece unattached.

Step 8: Finished Doghouse

Glue cardboard to green paper. Glue house to green paper.
I set a dictionary on top of mine for a while until all the glue dried.

Step 9: Finished Product!

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