Snork (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)




Introduction: Snork (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)

sorry for bad English

Step 1: Construct

take a piece of any textile (preferably brown or white) double length (2 x spine long)
& line synthpon

sew a sandwich.

on it to glue on a thermal insulation or foam.
if the height is insufficient - glue another layer of foam

mark the future vertebrae (leave between the markings abt. 2-3 cm)

cut off the excess and processing with sandpaper

Step 2: Preparation for Painting & Painting

you need:
1. acrilic primer.
2. more acrilic paints
3. acrilic finish


coat the surface with a primer.

to dry.

repeat 2 more times

after that, paint well with the base color.
paint the vertebrae white or "ivory"
Apply brown paint spots around the vertebrae (blood clot)
add yellow paint (pus)
around the vertebrae we apply hot-melt adhesive (in the first - to strengthen, in the second - after painting it looks like ichor)
add red paint (dark - meet, light - blood)
draw the capillaries on the spine
add as needed vibrant colors.

dry. 30-40 minutes.

Step 3: Finish

polish by soft cloth product.

Attention! do not press. Touch should be minimal!

cover with acrylic finish. well dry. repeat 2 times.

well dry. polish soft cloth product.

sew on to clothes



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    2 Discussions

    That looks creepy and awesome! Do you have instructions on how you made the mask too?

    1 reply

    unfortunately, i did not make a photo in process. may be later, i make instruction with pictures (no photo)