Snow Boot and Glove Dryer

Introduction: Snow Boot and Glove Dryer

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It's coming up to the Australian snow season. One troublesome thing with the wet snow we get here is having dry gloves on day 2. This is where you need a glove dryer and you can also use it to dry your boots! It's a pretty basic concept, we're going to take warm air from the drying room and force it through the gloves and boots, it's that simple.

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Step 1: Getting It Done....

What You Need:

  • 1/2 sheet approx. of film faced ply (I ran out and it was a public holiday, used chipboard flooring)
  • 4M 32mm OD PVC pipe, can use electrical conduit
  • an exhaust fan, I used a 200mm one for this
  • construction adhesive
  • some 38mm nails/staples and 65mm self tap screws
  • common tools, saw, drill, jigsaw, etc.

How To Go About It:

I've attached a video of how and written out the steps below

All of the measurements mentioned can easily be modified to suit your requirements. I feel like mine is good for gloves but may have too many pipes to be good for boots.

  1. Cut out 5 pieces of board, 260x800 and 2 pieces 260x220± (depending on thickness of material, mine was 20mm). While on the saw, cut down the pipe into 250mm lengths.
  2. Assemble a box minus the lid using nails/staples and construction adhesive, laminate the 2 left over pieces together with nails/staples and construction adhesive.
  3. Use the supplied template from the fan to put a hole in the side of the box, install the fan. If you have a ducted heating system where there are vents in the floor which blow out hot air use them, rather than a hole in the side of the box and a fan, put a hole in the bottom of the box which you will place over the duct and the hot air from the heating system with do the work for you.
  4. With a hole saw or spade bit put 16 holes for your pipes in the lid, my holes worked out 80mm in either side, 80mm centres and 120mm in from the ends.
  5. Stick all the pipes in the lid with the construction adhesive and allow it to cure.
  6. Screw the lid down to the box and you are done!
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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    very cool. Some changes i would recommend, notch the top of the pipes so if you put heavy boots down onto the pipes it won't block the air flow. Add some holes to the top few inches of the pipes to get air moving in multiple directions inside the boots and gloves.

    keep up the good work.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for having a look at my post! Yeah I think you might be right, the smaller boots do end up sliding down all the way on the pipes and slowing or stopping the airflow. Some holes drilled through across the tops of the pipes would help this for sure.