Snow Bubble Shenanigans

Introduction: Snow Bubble Shenanigans

This is something fun my Aunt Noreen got me hooked on. She lives in VA where there isn't much snow. So when she recently stayed here for a month to help when my Dad had major surgery, we started doing this in different types of snowy weather. She's got me hooked


Bubbles. Gloves. Camera

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Step 1: Blow Bubbles Randomly

When its cold and snowing LIGHTLY you can blow bubbles to freeze and stick to the snow and things in nature. Try different places outside. Tip: blow bubbles gently

Step 2: Creativity.

Get random. Get creative. Get out of your comfort zone. I tried sticking them to the sides of things. I have a couple night shots where I let the flash go and then blew the bubbles over the top of the lens. I plan to keep trying. 😘

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    7 days ago

    Looks like fun! : )