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Introduction: Snow Candles

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You will need:
Paraffin wax(1lb box)
Old Crayons
Empty tin can
Large Sauce Pan
Candle wicking(4in long)

Step 1:
~~Prepare snow mold.Find a spot where the snow is atleast 6 inches deep. Cold yet dry snow.

Step 2:
~~Make a hole that is 3 inches wide and 3 inches deep in the snow. This will be your mold.

Step 3:
~~Put wax and crayons into the can then put the can in the saucepan. Fill saucepan halfway full with water.

Step 4:
~~Boil water in pan. Watch the wax carefully when it has melted pour it into the snow mold you made.

Step 5:
~~ Insert the wick in the center of the wax. Hold onto wick for a few mins until wax cools and hardens enough to hold the wick straight.

Step 6:
~~ Let cool for about an hour.

Step 7:
~~ Carefully dig the candle out of the hole. Trim the eick. Scrape off any bumps on bottom so your candle will stand up level and your ready to light.

HINT::: If you want a white crayon add a white crayon. If you don't it will be a creamy ivory color.

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    And if you dont like in a area with snow, you so it the same way with sand!