Snow Candy!

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With all the snow we had and time off school due to the cold, we decided to make some yummy candy! It tastes so good!!

We actually heard about making this from Momma Cat. She told us about a family in the woods, or was it on the prairie, that made this sweet treat. It sounded so good we just had to try it ourselves and we are so glad we did.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials - An Adult, A Pot, Syrup, Stove or Hot Plate, Pan of Snow or Ice, Spatula

Step 2: Sryup!

Add a cup of syrup to the pot. You may want to just go ahead and add the whole container because it is so good!

Step 3: Snow or Ice

Make sure to grab snow or have ice before you start heating up the syrup.

Step 4: Heat Syrup

Heat the syrup on high while stirring continuously.

Step 5: Boil

Bring to a boil and continue stirring for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Drizzle

Drizzle or pour your boiling syrup onto clean snow or ice.

Step 7: Cool and Break

Let cool for one minute.
Break apart.

Step 8: Enjoy!

This was so good that Crazy Cat made another batch for us all to have! Try it and see how yummy it really is!!

Step 9: The Incredible Video

We made an awesome video of us making this delicious treat! Enjoy the video and then later enjoy some sweetness.

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    7 months ago

    I used to make this back at a Nature Center I grew up around. We had a maple syrup day and would tap the tree the old fashioned way and collect the sap in a bucket move it to the boiler. Boil the water off (40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup, so it takes a while) and then use the syrup to boil it more. One of my favorite experiments/demonstrations I did was having a trough carved in wood, adding the syrup and boiling it with hot rocks (took a lot of rocks, and a lot of cycling through the rocks). Either way glad to see this old recipe come back.

    1 reply

    7 months ago

    I have never tried to do this, but I really should! Looks like fun. :) I am surrounded by snow for half the year after all haha

    1 reply
    Cats Science Clubjessyratfink

    Reply 7 months ago

    We did this at our Winter Camp with 25 kids age 6 - 12 and of course they loved it. Please let us know if you try it. Hint - stay away from the yellow snow ;-)