Snow Covered Pinecones




Introduction: Snow Covered Pinecones

These are really easy to make and use things that you would find around the house.

Step 1: Supplies


Step 2: Spray Pinecones With Hairspray

Make sure you cover the entire pinecone with hairspray or else you will have patches of uncovered pinecone.

Step 3: Roll Pinecone in Sugar

Step 4: Spray With Hairspray Again

This will make sure the sugar stays on.

Step 5: Let Dry for a Couple of Hours

Step 6: Use in Centerpieces and Decorations

Make sure pets can't get them and that the sugar is completely dry or else the sugar will fall off everywhere.



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    2 Discussions

    They do look great, especially considering what they are made with. Thanks for sharing! My only concern - which is mute in many regions due to low temperatures - would be ants ;).

    Perfect for christmas!