Snow Globe Ornaments- Arctic Theme




I love the holidays, especially in December. One thing I really enjoy is decorating the tree and having the opportunities to make holiday crafts. If you love creating and love giving then these snow globe ornaments will become the perfect gifts for family and friends.

Step 1: Supplies

I was able to get all my supplies from Michael’s arts and craft store, they have a huge assortment of miniature items that can easily fit into the ball ornaments.

  • 1x Plastic two piece ball ornament
  • 1x Pack of bottle brush trees (assorted sizes)
  • 1-2 cotton balls
  • 1x Pack of fake snow (I used buffalo brand snow)
  • Pack of crazy glue
  • Some miniature animals (I used a pack of Toob miniature animals- arctic)
  • Hot glue gun and a few glue sticks
  • Some twine
  • Small paint brush
  • Scissors

Step 2: Set Up

Set up your trees so that you can easily grab them while crafting. For example, some of my trees needed to be bent back into shape and some had bristles out of place. Next select a medium size tree and cut off the bottom round trunk so that it will fit into the globe.

Step 3: Arrange Your Scene

This was one of the hardest steps for me, trying to figure out how to place the animals and trees so that when the two half’s are put together they fit. For the elk, I used the back half for the trees and the animal. Don’t use any glue until you know it will all fit together. Try placing them in the globe to see if all the parts will fit.

Step 4: Place Some Cotton

The point of the cotton is to add stability and fullness to the scene, while using it to hide the hot glue.

Take a cotton ball and stretch it out. Gently twist a third of the ball into a long cylinder. Place the cotton in the back of one half of the globe. This will be used later to hide the tree trunks and the hot glued used for the trees.

Step 5: Glue the Trees

In the same half you placed the cotton, hot glue the medium tree into place and hold until secure. Make sure to glue the tree right to the globe not the cotton. Also, Keep the tree aligned with the eye hole on the top of the globe. Then glue the little tree into place. Keep the cotton behind both the trees. Using the back of a paint brush, push the cotton so that it covers the tree trunks and glue. Once everything is glued in and cotton placed, put the two globe pieces together to make sure the trees and cotton still fit and still sit where you planned them to be.

Important: make sure you align everything with the top hole of the globe so that when you hang it up, everything is straight up.

Step 6: Add the Animal

In the same half you placed the trees, place hot glue on the animal's back foot and place it directly on the bottom of the globe. Hold in place until secure. I only needed to glue one foot to the globe so that the animal would be elevated. Again make sure your animal is standing straight in relation to the top hole of the globe and the trees. Put the two halves of the globe together to make sure everything still fits. Using the back of the paint brush add more cotton under the animal to hide the glue on its back foot. I then put some hot glue on the two front feet of the animal and placed a wad of cotton to add a little more fullness to the scene.

Important: Make sure not to get any glue on the cotton. The first one I made I tried to glue the cotton to the globe as well, but it ended up getting really messy. I suggest you don’t glue the cotton to anything but let it sit where you stuffed it.

Step 7: Fake Snow

Sprinkle about 2 and ½ teaspoons of fake snow into one half of the globe. To make sure this is a good amount and that the snow just covers the cotton, join the two halves together and shake the snow around. If it seems like too much or too little then take some out/ put some in. Make sure your scene is all set up the way you want it before moving to the next step.

Step 8: Crazy Glue Time

Be very careful, crazy glue can easily get everywhere; especially on your fingers and then on the globe. Separate the two halves of the globe by shaking all the fake snow to one half. Find the half where the indent grove is lower, this is the side you will put the crazy glue on and thus the side you should have all the fake snow in. Firmly grasp the half and dab a small amount of crazy glue to the top, (12 o’clock) and three spots on the bottom (4, 6 and 8 o’clock). See picture for specific spots. Place the non-glued half together with the glued half, making sure the two top holes meet together.

Step 9: Let the Glue Set

Once the glue is dry, shake the globe to re-arrange all the fake snow. If some sticks to the inside of the ball just tap lightly and it will usually fall down. Lastly grab some twine and thread it threw the top hole and tie it together.

Step 10: Congrats

Congrats on completing your very own snow globe ornament. I hope this inspires you to create your own personalised holiday gifts, and really make those trees magical. These are some of the other globes I created. You can really add anything to them.



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3 years ago

Very nice and your directions are so clear! Thanks!


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My first but not last. Lots more to come!


3 years ago

These look beautiful, looks like you'll be making some people very happy this holiday season!

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Reply 3 years ago

Thank you so much. I am glad you liked them : )