Snow Painting

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Snow painting is easy as long as you have these things:
food coloring
squirt gun or a spray bottle
example picture(option)

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Step 1: Suit Up!

Before you go outside get dressed in warm clothes. Even though snow painting is fun, there are still dangers like frostbite and hypothermia, depending on how long you're out there.

Step 2: "Paint"

Take your cup or spray bottle and fill it with water.
Then take the food coloring of your choice and add a few drops.
Stir it.

Step 3: Example Picture

I used the instructables robot mascot, but you can use whatever you want, or just draw freehand.

Step 4: Painting

To start, find a space big enough for your picture, draw an outline of the picture, then fill it in.
(the picture may look green, but i had a terrible camera and the food coloring was a neon yellowy-green)

Thanks for viewing!

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