Snow Shoe Hat

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I came up with this hat during a trip in Snow Shoe, PA.  I used scraps of yarn that I brought along with you.  Any worsted weight yarn will work.  It's a perfect hat for hiking on cool days and for keeping the sun off your head!  Get the free pattern here:

TIPS: To make sure you are on track, here are a few tricks that I found helped me out:
  • The second stitch of the k3 in Rows 1 and 3 is always a yarnover from the previous purl row.
  • The yo increase on the purl rows always occurs between the two stitches you passed the slipped stitch over.
  • In Row 1, hold the yarn in front of your work while you slip the stitch. The rest of the time, hold your yarn to the back of your work as you slip the stitch purlwise.
  • The psso is for BOTH of the k2 stitches.



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