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I had to come up with an invention for a program I was going to. So because of all the snow and all the shoveling, I decided to make shoes that will shovel as you walk. All you will need to make your very own snow shovel shoes are an old pair of shoes, 6 inches of pvc pipe that is 3 inches in diameter, hot glue or any other strong glue, a bit of sandpaper, a dremel or rotary tool, a drill, and a hack saw. Let's get started!

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting the PVC Pipe

Measure 6 inches end to end of PVC pipe and cut with a hack saw. Next, draw a straight line down the pipe. I actually drew my line across the lettering on my pipe so I know that it is straight. If you have a band saw then you could cut your pipe in half with that. But if you a bandsaw isn't available, then just cut down as far as you could go and cut down to the middle from the other side. In my case, I could only cut 3 inches down the pipe, so I made my pipe six inches so that I could cut down 3 inches on the other side so I could meet in the middle. If your hack saw could cut down 4 inches, then make your pipe 8 inches. Its really up to you to decide how long your pipe will be. Now, sand the pipe. I only sanded because the PVC pipe I had was a little rough. I used 80 grit and then finished with 150 grit.

Step 2: Fitting the PVC Pipe

To fit the PVC piping around the toe of your shoe, trace an oval-like shape onto the centers of the halves of the PVC pipe. Use a drill bit to drill this oval shape out. I drilled twice in each oval and I cleaned out the middle part with dremel. Repeat this step with your other PVC pipe half.

Step 3: Gluing Everything Together

Heat up your hot glue gun for this step. Fit the toe of your shoe into the oval you cut out of your PVC pipe. Try to push the PVC pipe as far down onto the toe of your shoe as possible so that its a tight fit. Hot glue this in place. I also Hot glued the toe of the shoe completely on the front so it is somewhat waterproof. Also glue the backside to make sure that the PVC pipe doesn't break off. Glue your other pipe to your other shoe. Let them dry completely before putting them on otherwise they might fall apart if the glue isn't cool to the touch. Please vote for me in the "Snow Contest" if voting is still open. If not, then please rate, follow, and leave comments.

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    As for walking in the snow, I find walking on top of the snow to be less slippery. For what chore were you planning on using these?

    Maybe if the plows were angled to the right and left away from the wearer, it wouldn't build up as fast and require kicking the snow to the side.

    because I run a tight ship and don't just have time to throw away.......NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR THE SCHEDULE!

    Edward de Bono (who coined the phrase lateral thinking) created a technique for creativity which he called Po. Po involves among other things suspending judgement of an idea as right or wrong, good or bad, and encourages the use of an idea as a stepping stone to another idea which may be a stepping stone eventually to a truly useful and original idea. Whimsy and humor are involved, too, and I think these show-plow-shoes are a wonderful opportunity for Po. Well done.

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    I bet the first person who suggested putting some sort of shovel on the front of a car to move snow was ridiculed as well! And now....uh huh, People who do not invent, will never understand that there is NO bad suggestions!

    Chasmois, I'm backing you 100 percent. This is gutsy and thoughtful and fun and who cares if they don't work. Looks like AJC and you are teaming up to help and encourage inventors invent. Loud applause from me.
    And thank you for sharing, HPandLOTR.

    Amen Chasmois! You hit the nail on the head. Half the products we buy are reinventions or improvements to existing ones. A patent to improve an existing invention costs about 600.00 more than a patent for a new idea. Someone needs to lay the groundwork. I guess the corded telephone was a bad invention to people who only have ever known wireless, like why would someone ever use a cord!, LOL. Who knows if a shoe will ever be made where you wont need to put thought or effort into shoveling snow. Just the idea is a start. They gotta start somewhere despite how crazy it may sound. Who's to say an electrical charge cant be created as you walk in turn somehow melting the snow or using electrolysis to maybe melt the snow. Yea a far fetched idea but an idea just the same that may get someone else's wheels turning to make what someone else thought of become a reality. What was that famous line, Two heads are better than one. Its not a bad Idea. I'm sure someday someone will perfect it. Maybe when cars are able to run on water or some crazy technology like that. After something like that is invented a lot of other ideas that may seem crazy could become reality. If someone told me 20 years ago that I could print actual objects I prob would have thought they were crazy. Now its a reality that opens many many more doors to do other things. It even aids in the invention process if not completes it.

    look like amazing... you can add new photos while you are walking on the snow too.

    Great project! I am going to make a pair of these for an earth moving project I am doing. Since dirt is more difficult to move than snow, I will need to use a pair of engineer's boots and steel pipe for strength.

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    Mario59, and others. You're missing the point. You don't make them for YOURSELF, you make them for the wife and kids, and in-laws, etc., and shout at them. Physics can be defeated by quantity.

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    Do the deluxe versions come with Salt shakers on the back for distributing sand or deicing chemicals?

    Seriously, this is one of the best ideas ever for events like you talk about. Great job!

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    Of course not. I think we all know the Concorde was invented by Leonardo DaVinci (or was it Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? I always mix those two up.).