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Tired of your buns and thighs getting cold during the winter? Well I am, and this morning it was -50 in Fairbanks Alaska. So something easy to slip on and off that will keep you toasty. The snow skirt! I would love to provide instructions. I just found out about this site and thought I would enter the contest with well my finished project. I just made it yesterday in 3 hours! I don't have enough supplies to do a demo for the contest but will get them turned in as soon as the weather breaks and goes back to -30 and I can get to the craft store. Happy viewing.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awe great thought I8nite. Well the material I used were mostly reperpused items but you could do with a few thrift shop items. I had this great lavender dress that, well never fit. It was too long. The dress ended up as my outer layer. Just an organic cotton dress that I cut down to make the skirt. Then I used 200 weight polar fleece about a half yard for the warm middle layer. Then I used some windblocker materia lfor the inner layer that is slippery so that the "skirt" didn't stick to my jeans every time I sit For the waist I didn't have a zipper so I cut one out of a skirt that I never wore... Since this is always going to be put on over pants and most possibly boots I thought it would be good to have a zipper on the side for easy on and off. I stiched the inner 2 layers (polar fleece and wind breaker) together then added them to the outer layer (cotton) with a zipper for easy on and off. I hope to add an embelishment to the side of the skirt to pep it up a bit. I am going to make my next one with the outer layer being a duck cotton (like carharts) and I will post the step by step photos. Thanks!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    even without pictures you could do a more detailed description of what materials you used. Welcome to the insanity of taking pictures of every thing you do in case you might make an "ible" to share with the world!