Snow Skunk: Ramone Cologne




Ingredients: Snow, patience, food coloring, and a skunk comic book character for inspiration. This is my snow sculpture of Ramone Cologne.

The most time consuming part of the sculpt didn't seem to be the sculpting, which was really just some building up, and some "melt-carving" for the eyes, nose, and details. I spent the most time getting the food coloring color and application ready.

1) Color Mixing  - I didn't have black food coloring in the kitchen cabinet, so I took the colors I had, and mixed them to get as close to black as I could. I wanted this to be a free project with whatever was handy at home.

2) Put the final liquid in a spray bottle for better control. I wanted precise application in certain areas, and the spray bottle worked well for this.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool. Do you have step-by-step pics for it? Would love to see the process...