Snow Snake



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The game of snow snake is of Iroquois origin. A snow snake is a stick that is slightly raised at the front and has a notch in the back for your finger. It was usually played by making a trough in the snow and then contestants take turns seeing who can shoot the snow snake the furthest down the trough.

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Step 1: Rough Shape the Wood

Snow snakes can be three to five feet long. Cut or find a piece of wood that is one inch by 3/4 inch. A wooden (no fibreglass, aluminum, etc. in it) hockey stick that your kids have outgrown is a good stock. Mark six inches from the end. Cut 1/2 inch from the back of the stick to about seven inches from the front. Use a jig saw to taper up to the six inch mark. Cut a notch in the back of the stick.

Step 2: Shaping, Sanding and Finishing

Round the bottom of the stick. Break the corners of the edges. Sand it down and finish it with varnish. Go outside and play.

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