Snow White and the Huntsman

As soon as I saw Snow White and the Huntsman in theaters this year, I knew I wanted to make Snow White's dress!

I found photos online of Colleen Atwood's costume designs for the movie and mentally deconstructed them.  I started by draping some cotton jersey on my dressform for the underdress lining.  I used a blue cotton as the underdress fabric and stitched it to the jersey lining.  I embellished the neckline with cotten crocheted blue lace and used the same blue lace for the sleeves.  I laced the back of the dress with black satin ribbon and laced the sleeves with a skane of metallic blue craft thread.

I used grey suede for the over dress and spent many, many, many hours getting all the details to match up to Ms. Atwood's just right.  I hadn't realized while watching the movie, but there is A LOT of stitching detail.  I used round silver brads for the metal embellishments and red cotton with the grey suede for the sleeve detailing.

I got a toy knight's sword from Toys R Us and made a suede strap for it around my waist.  I paired the dress with grey sweater tights and suede boots.  It was a very comfortable and warm costume and I got a lot of wows and second looks at all the detailing.  Overall I was pretty happy with it!

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