Snowball Bow

Introduction: Snowball Bow

This instructable will show you how to build our snowball bow. A bow and arrow like weapon that can launch a snowball up to nearly 30 feet.

Step 1: Needed Materials

To build this snowball bow you will need:

1. A pipe (preferably around 48in. long and about 1in. in diameter)

2. A bungee cord (slightly shorter than the pipe used, preferably around 42in.)

3. A paper cup (preferably a medium sized coffee cup)

4. A small piece of rope (preferably around 6-8in. long)

5. A drill with the proper drill bit.

6. Duct Tape

Optional: Plastic and rubber bands to make an arm guard

There is very little work with tools required, and most of the work consists of assembling pieces and using duct tape.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Firstly you will need to drill holes in the pipe. On either end of the pipe you will a hole through both sides of the cylinder. This hole should be around 1cm in diameter, or just big enough for the plastic hook of the bungee cord to fit through. If you use a 48in. pipe the holes should be about 3in. from the end of the pipe. If your dimensions are different, place the holes where the bungee cord will have to be stretched slightly in order to reach them.

Step 3: Attach Bungee Cord

Put the hook of the bungee cord through both sides of the pipe for each end, like seen in the picture above. The hook should fit snugly so that it will not move when the bow is being used. Make sure that you put the hook through the same way on both ends, so that the bungee cord remains straight up and down.

Step 4: Duct Tape the Cord

Add duct tape to the top and bottom where the hook goes through the pipe. Wrap the tape around a few times to make sure that the hooks remain secure when the bow is in use. This is demonstrated in the picture above.

Step 5: Add the Cup

The cup will be added to the middle of the cord. This would be the area one would load an arrow on a normal bow. The cup will act as a sort of sling shot pouch for the snowball. Add the piece of rope to the cup for a handle to pull the cup back. Place the around the sides of the cup, and then set the cup on top of the cord in the right place. Wrap the cup and rope completely in duct tape to secure it. More tape may be added but the picture above is a good indication of the minimum amount you should use. Essentially the cup itself should not really be visible, the more tape the more secure your launch will be.

Step 6: Optional Arm Guard

For this guard we simply cut a piece of plastic from an old garbage bin to fit our lower arm. We then took a large rubber band that was about a foot long when cut and lied out flat. We then placed the cut rubber band on top of the plastic across the middle. We covered the entire top of the plastic (including the rubber band) in duct tape to secure it. It can then be equipped by placing it on top of your arm and tying it underneath to keep it in place. More rubber bands could be added to make it more secure and size can vary based on the user.

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