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Introduction: Snowball Scarf

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This is another easy project that can be a teensy bit repetitive. BUT, you will have a fabulous snowball scarf once you're done!

Things you'll need:
A few balls of chunky wool (I used about five 50g balls)
Some cardboard
An average sized can/tin
A pencil/pen
Exacto knife/scalpel
Strong thread
Scissors (preferably sharp ones)
A doll needle (the one I used was approximately 13 cm)

Step 1: So Board...

Those of you who have seen my snood tutorial will recognize the method for creating the 'snow' balls.

We begin with two pieces of cardboard and a tin can.

Draw around the tin can to create a circle, then create a smaller circle inside of that one.

Using an exacto knife or scalpel, cut out the circles until you are left with a thin cardboard donut. Repeat with the other piece of cardboard.

Step 2: It's a Wrap!

Place the two rings together. Now cut a length of wool and tie it around both rings, then start wrapping the wool around. Simply tie on another piece of wool when required and keep wrapping.

When the rings are sufficiently covered, take a sharp pair of scissors and carefully snip between the two rings. Keep snipping until all the yarn has been cut through completely.

Now take another, smaller, length of yarn and slip it in between the two rings. Make a couple of tight knots, then pull the cardboard away.

Snip off any straggly bits...

Et voila - your first fluffy 'snow' ball!

Step 3: Balls!

Now repeat the process until you have about thirty of them...

It's okay - that's the longest part over ;-)

Step 4: You're a Doll... Needle

Now it's time for the needle and thread...

In order to secure the balls, we're going to use extra strong sewing thread and, rather than simply stringing them along the length, we're going to double the thread back on itself to minimise movement.

So, create a knot in the thread for the first ball then sew up through the middle, back down to where you started and back up through the middle again. (This is why the doll needle works better than a regular sewing needle - there's no risk of it getting lost in all the fluff...) Put the needle through the second ball and repeat the process.  

If you do them in bunches of five or six, they are easier to handle.  Make sure to keep the balls as snug as possible to one another, so as to prevent gaps in the finished scarf.

When securing the thread at the end of a run, put the needle back through the centre (so that the thread now sits between the last two balls) and triple knot as close to the core of the ball as you can.

If you find that you have got a couple of gaps, simply repeat the sewing process, making sure to pull the thread a little tighter...

Step 5: Snow Fun...

Keep going until all the balls are secure.

Snip off any excess threads.

Then put it on, and head off to the ice hockey game!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    All the kids in my neighborhood made these back in the sixties. Thank you for the pleasant memories.

    Nice to see these come around again.


    6 years ago on Step 5

    Like the theme of this scarf....snow and wool! Good combination. Even with my limited needle skills I think I could make this. Now, do I have enough days till Valentines Day...

    This is SO cute! And it looks like you went out and paid a lot for a designer scarf. I love it! Definitely going to be making this at some point. :)