Snowboard Starting Ramp




Introduction: Snowboard Starting Ramp

This is a starting ramp that will give you the speed you need for your backyard hill that will help your skills,  and aid in your speed.

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Step 1: Supplies

1. 28 8ft 2 by 4s
2. 2 boxes (200) 3 inch wood screws
3. 4x8 ft board ¼ inch or more
4. 12 feet of ½ inch or more board (4ft wide)
5. 1 sheet of white coated masonite
6. 4 shelf supports, smallest possible

Step 2: Assembling the Frame

1. Assemble with the 2/4s, two rectangles with the dimensions 4 ft by 8 ft and screw together.
2. Screw the to frames together with 4 8 ft 2/4s, so that the one rectangle is flat on the ground and the other is flat on the end of the 2/4s.
3. At the top rectangle frame, space four 2/4s evenly apart and screw together.
4. Space 6 2/4s around the sides of the box and screw on to give support
5. Cut the 4x8 ft board to the desired size (recommended about the size of the top rectangle) and screw to the top to make the standing platform.
6. Create the sliding platform by attaching the other board(s) together with two 2/4s and screw
7. Attach to the side you want to slide down by screwing in with 4-6 screws.

Step 3: The Railing

1. Create a railing by cutting 3 2/4s in half and 1 and ½ feet out of a 2/4
2. Create a railing around it by screwing a 4ft length on either side of the slide, and one at each corner
3. Screw 6 ft 2/4 on each side at the very middle at the back about 1 and ½ feet apart.
4. Rail the top of the struts with 2/4s to make the leaning railing.
5. Attach the shelf supports to the corners to strengthen

Step 4: The Ladder

1. Create the ladder with 2 2/4s and 4-8 ft rungs spaced evenly apart
2. Screw together
3. Attach with screws to the back of the frame.

Step 5: Finish

1. Screw Masonite to the slide by screwing it in
2. Attach 4-6 screws to the bottom of the slide to make it stick
3. If the ramp is on unlevel ground compensate by:
4. Measure the distance that needs compensated, and cut out parts of 2/4s and attach to short legs.

Step 6: Optional

1. Attach floodlights to 2/4s at the back of the pipe as light towers
2. With left over wood (masonite/board), create small box underneath for electronics
Note- Any left over wood should be used as more strengtheners.
           If on very unlevel ground, (45 degrees) consider using rope and pegs to ensure stability. However this should be unnecessary.

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