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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make Snowcream, a delicious treat you can make out of the horrible horrible wintery snow that covers your junk every year.
now, I'm from orlando and believe it or not I have never seen snow, until this year when the inlaws thought it would be nice to have the family up for christmas.
Aside from the light sprinkle of snow that was already on the ground when I landed christmas eve, tonight was the first snow fall I have ever seen in my thirty years. so, being as excited as I was, I called mom and dad to tell them about the fun they were missing when my mom says "you should make Snowcream" "what the heck is that" i asked, and the following is what she told me.

   1. a large bowl of freshly fallen snow
   2. a can of cream (Evaporated milk)
   3. sugar
   4. a drop or two vanilla.

Step 1: SNOW!!!

scoop yourself a nice big bowl bowl of freshly fallen snow. try to get the snow from the top and not so much dirt.

Step 2: Add More Yummy

next, add a can of evaporated milk, a couple tablespoons of sugar, and some vanilla. then stir it all togeather. i must admit i thought the cream would melt more of the snow then it did. it held up pretty good to the liquid.
this makes a tasty tasty treat thats better than I was expecting. I wanted to add a little more cream but didnt want to open a new can, so as I'm looking in the fridge my wife has a brilliant idea. "why dont you add some coffie creamer" SO I DID!!!  we added caramel flavored coffie mate and it was awesome. tomorrow im making more and using pumpkin spiced creamer.

Step 3: ENJOY!!!

i hope you enjoied this instructable and use it to make tasty treats for you and your loved ones.

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    Finally, someone else has a recipe for snow cream!! I grew up with this! Our family rule was that we could play in any of the snow except the snow on the cars. If we messed with that, no snow cream. My grandma showed my how to skip just the very top layer of snow off the cars using a spatula so you don't get the dirty snow that is directly touching the cars. :) Another thing I do is freeze pans and then stick them out side on top of the snow to catch the freshly falling snow. Yummy!! Oh, to store the snow cream, cover it and leave it outside in the cold and out of the sun. Don't stick it in the freezer, it gets freezer burn too fast!

    This is the best, I used to make this every year it snowed, but in mine i just used a splash of milk sugar and vanilla.

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    Ugh, actually "Gedion 400" That is my friend Cerys who posted the one about Dog piss, and actually it wasnt me, my name is charlotte, I am not so sad as to have two accounts! And I was only saying, no need to go off like a maniac with all your technical talk.

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    you know its fantastic that you and this other guy (who i can only assume is you) posted a you dirty/discusting person comment with a min of each other....makes me wonder. anyway, if you dont want to eat snow like a dirty person dont. simple as that. im pretty sure more people have died from eating an egg, or a fresh salad then have eaten snow....just sayin.

    you know, i always wondered where snow comes from, now i know theres a giant ice dog in the sky "piss"ing out snow flakes. i assure you, fresh snow has no dog piss in it.

    Yeah, I’m sure there are some not so friendly things going on in snow sometimes. But I’m pretty sure more people in the world get something like salmonella from eggs or random farm fresh produce then they do from snow yet people still eat them.

    You do realise that snow is evaporated water... which can have lots of bacteria. I do not recommend eating this stuff.