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These 3D snowflakes offer a much better image than the flat ones.Even if we use flat ones to bild one, the result is remarkable. Plus they are really cheap. I got 12 pcs. set on Ebay for less than a dollar..Enough for four 3D snowflakes

To make a snowflake we need;-three flat glitter snowflakes


- an old knife or any blade shape metal


-school glue, Elmer's, or any other clear glue

- glitter powder

Step 1: Preparing the Flat Snowflakes

So we need three of them. In this case I have size 10 cm in diameter. On two of them we cut a line toward the center and the third one is cut in half. For the ones with a cut just to the center will use a thin knife or a blade. It must be heat it first a bit on fire. Then create like a chanel in the previous cut, as large as snowflakes thickness

Step 2: Put All the Parts Together

First we draw on a sheet of paper or carboard a circle divided in six parts (60 degrees). Then intersect two snowflakes through the chanels.With few drops of hot glue keep them on top of the drawing till the glue hardened. Make sure the snowflakes mach the lines on the drawing. Then with few drops of hot glue we attach the two halfs

Step 3: Correction and Finishing

While we cut and manoeuvres some parts got peeled of the glitter cover. With a brush we place a layer of glue on every location which need correction.Add glitter powder and let it sit till get dry. For hanging I used some baubles hangers from a previous project. Few dros of hot glue and place them together .But any other string or wire tighten to an ending part of the snowflake it's working.

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