Snowflake Christmas Card

Introduction: Snowflake Christmas Card

A great handmade christmas card.
You will need:
1- - 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of blue, red or green construction paper
1- - 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of construction paper (any colour)
White and blue paint and a paint brush

(Stickers and other decorations are optional)

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Step 1: Getting the Paper Ready

Fold the blue (or red or green) sheet of paper in half.

Then take the other sheet of paper (I chose purple) and cut it into a 8 by 8 square. Fold it in half diagonally 4 times and cut into a snowflake.


Step 2: Adding the Snowflake

Put your blue (or red or green) sheet of paper that you folded on a piece of newspaper, then place the snowflake that you made on top and tape around the edges of the card (not the card itself but to the newspaper).

Then take your white paint and paint over any blue (or red or green) in and around your snowflake. Remove snowflake from card imediately or it will stick (once you've finished painting).

Step 3: Add a Greeting

Using your blue paint, paint over your snowflake with a Christmas or holiday greeting of your choice.

Also, add any decorations, like stickers, that you think look good. (I put 3 snowmen along the bottom of mine, also in blue, on the top right corner of my christmas card I painted on a small snowflake)

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