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Introduction: Snowflake Light Box

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In this instructable, you will make a snowflake projector. It's really easy, and if you have all the materials, it should be cost free. This is my first instructable, so sorry if some of the pictures are bad.

Step 1: You'll Need-

  • A cardboard box that has an open side that is at least 17 by 17 inches.
  • The maker (you)
  • standard copy paper
  • scissors and tape
  • something small that projects light, like a flashlight, a light bulb, etc.
  • A bit of snowflake skills.

Step 2: Snowflakes

Make four snowflakes (or more, if your box can fit them). Here is some advice on them-

Step 3: Tape Time

If the snowflakes start to look kind of fragile, feel free to tape the edges of them. This will help with this next step- Put your snowflakes in a square, and tape them together. Then tape the snowflakes onto the edges of your cardboard box like in the picture.

Step 4: Light!

Now get your light source. I'm using a flashlight for this, but you can experiment with whatever will work for you.

With your box and flashlight, go into a dark room with a preferably high ceiling.

Step 5: Greatness!

In that room, hold or put your light in the box under the snowflakes so it projects onto the ceiling.

WAIT! We're not done yet! This instructable is also an entry in Instructable's Make it Glow contest. I'd really like it if you'd take the time to click on this link and vote for me if you like this instructable. It really does not take barely any time at all, and I could get a 3D printer!

Please comment on this instructable if you like it, hate it, have a suggestion, a question, or just wanted to say hi. I'll probably respond, unless it's something snotty.

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