Snowflake Mobile How-to

Introduction: Snowflake Mobile How-to

By: Melinda Millwood
For: Electrical Origami Final

Materials you will need:

Colorful paper
A quarter of cardboard
A small motor powered by solar panel
And a set of earrings that you've grown out of

Step 1: The Wheels Behind It All

This is the type of motor that I used for this project. I sautered inward as many of the components as I could in order to keep things more compact.

Step 2: Let's Begin!

First, let's start with those earrings.
What we want is the curly part at the end that holds it in your ear and we are going to curly-que both ends so that they are almost encircled in on themselves.
Then add that little circle that held the earring together to the end that will hold the mobile.

Step 3: Get the Scissors.... But Don't Run With Them!

Now you'll want to cut two same length sections of string and pull them through that little link at the end that will be holding the mobile. You might want to tie them in a knot to make sure that they stay equal in length on all four sides.
You'll want the string to be about 6 inches or more, depending on how many snowflakes you want. I will be using 4 different sized snowflakes.

Step 4: Tier It Up!

Next, we'll cut up that cardboard into two pieces, one slightly lager than the other to give it body. You can do as many tiers as you want, I used two to keep the weight down.
Once you have them cut, put a small slit in each of the four sides to pull the strings through. The string in the photos is short to help with the visual, but your string should be longer in order to create the effect.

Step 5: Snowflake Time!

Now it's time for the snowflakes!
Draw circles, of any size you desire, and cut them out. You can use cups, cans, bowls, anything with a circular opening to trace.
After you've cut them out, fold them in half, then again, and again if you can. This will make the patterns more intricate.
Cut little shapes of any variety into the folded circles, then unfold them. Aren't they pretty?
Pull the strings of the mobile through the holes of the snowflakes so that they hang in a way that you like.

Step 6: Finish Up!

Almost there...
Once you have them set to the way that you want on the strings, cut the strings so that they are just barely poking out below the bottom snowflakes and tape the little nubs up into the snowflakes and voila! You have it. Wrap the top curly-que around the motor and set it in the sun. With the weight it will turn slowly, just like a mobile should. Enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cute, Crafty, and Smart oh and I like your snowflakes too :D


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Job!!! Maybe with the help of a few elves, we might see this available on Etsy;)