Snowflake Mobile




Introduction: Snowflake Mobile

This easy to make mobile is made of lots of paper snowflakes. Great for keeping kids busy and decorating your home for the winter!

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Step 1: Making the Snowflakes

To make a snowflake make a square of a piece of white paper. The size of the snowflakes don't matter as long as they're not too large. Mine were between 4cm (1-2") and 10cm (2-3"). fold the quare into a triangle. Fold it into a triangle two more times and note which corner is the center of the paper. Cut shapes into the paper making sure that at lease some of both folded edges are still intact to hold the snowflake together. Unfold the paper, flatten out your flake, and admire your craftiness.

Be ready to make lots, the mobile pictured in the introduction has around 40.

Step 2: Arranging the Snowflakes

Once you've made your snowflakes get some thin thread such as stitching thread. I used a needle to knot the flakes together leaving about 5cm (2") between the snowflakes.

To nicely distribute the flakes i made five threads with four flakes, five threads with three flakes, eight threads with two flakes, and eight threads with one flake.

I arranged the smaller snowflakes so they hang below larger ones on the string. Additionally I made sure to hang different types on the same thread.

Step 3: Attaching the Snowflakes

To hang the flakes i bough two metal rings, one about 28cm (~10") diameter and the other 22cm (~8").

The inside ring is comprised of five threads with four snowflakes and five threads with three snowflakes. They are arranged evenly around the ring.
The outside ring is comprised of eight threads with two snowflakes and eight threads with one snowflake. They are arranged evenly also.

Finally, when tying the strings to the ring i made sure that some were 2-3cm (1") away from the ring while those next to it were 5-6cm (2-3") away from the ring. It makes the mobile look mire dynamic.

Step 4: Finishing Up

The final step is a little tricky, especially if you're alone. You now need to place the smaller ring on a table but make sure not to tangle and break any flakes. Then slowly lower the outer larger ring over the ring and arrange the snowflakes nicely.

Tie the two rings together with some threads and also attach some thread by which you can hang the mobile. I also glued all the knots over with some crafts glue to make sure they held.

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4 Discussions


3 years ago

I would have loved it if you could have shown some of the cuts and folds you used to create your patterns. If you re-visit this post add some for those of us who cannot project to see the end result without a little outside help! You have some beautiful patterns!


I love it darling, thank you for decorating my house!

Love Mami


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

no worries. but soon ill have to charge for the services ;)